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Tonkatsu (Japanese Pork Cutlet) Recipe

Tonkatsu, or Japanese pork cutlet, is a Japanese take on fried pork that is popular in Japanese cuisine. While traditionally served with shredded cabbage, I usually serve my tonkatsu sliced on a bed of rice and drizzled with a healthy portion of tangy tonkatsu sauce. However you choose to enjoy it, you won’t be disappointed with this savory dish.

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Katsu Sauce (Tonkatsu Sauce) Recipe

Katsu sauce, also known as tonkatsu sauce, is the perfect blend of sweet and savory with a slight garlic kick. Traditionally served with a wide variety of fried Japanese dishes, I personally also think it makes for a great steak sauce as well. Best of all, it’s very easy to make. In this article and video we will walk you through how to make this versatile condiment step-by-step.

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Authentic Japanese Gyukatsu

Gyukatsu, or Japanese fried beef cutlet, is a dish that definitely lives up to the high standards you’d come to expect from a beef dish popular in the land of Waygu and Kobe beef. Best of all, it’s pretty easy to make with most of the time spent letting the steaks come up to room temperature. In this article we will walk you through how to make this savory dish step-by-step.

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Spicy Yakiniku Sauce (Japanese BBQ Sauce)

Yakiniku is a social trend popular throughout Japan that entails cooking bite-sized meats and vegetables on tabletop open-flame grill and dipping them into a tangy sauce called Yakiniku sauce. While the meat often steals the show, I would argue that the Yakiniku sauce is the key ingredient when making Yakiniku. This mix of savory, sweet and sometimes spicy flavors is hard to beat. In fact, my family likes it so much that we use Yakiniku sauce in several other dishes as well.

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Authentic Chicken Tempura Recipe

When people think tempura, savory vegetables and seafood coated in a light batter often comes to mind. However, chicken tempura definitely holds its own among the more traditional shrimp and veggie tempura dishes. Soy and ginger seasoning give chicken tempura an unexpected kick of flavor that goes great with the light tempura batter. This Japanese surprise is definitely worth a try.

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