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About Us

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Who We Are is a blog related to all things food.  Our goal is to both inspire our readers with exciting recipes and to be a resource in the kitchen.  In addition to providing exciting and unique recipes from around the country and world, we strive to also be a resource to educate our readers about ingredients and to answer practical questions that come up when preparing food.

A large part of life happens around the table.  Think of the memories that were created and the relationships built over a meal.  For us, food is an essential part of who we are the same way a bowl of your favorite chili is a part of fall or how your favorite sushi bar enhanced your last trip to Tokyo. We hope that our recipes inspire you to make food that you will enjoy with your family and create memories around that will last a lifetime.

Our Team:

Bob Schaffart

Writer and Editor-In-Chief

Hello, my name is Bob and I created this site to educate and excite people about preparing food.  For both my wife and I, the most exciting part of traveling to various parts of the country and world is enjoying the local cuisine of where we visit.  I love exploring other regions and cultures through food and finding a way to bring that food back to my home to share with family and friends.  

In addition to cooking, I enjoy traveling, fishing, and hiking with my wife and three kids.

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